• ICYMI: Three Things You May Have Missed on the PROSPER Act
    Mar 20, 2018  - The PROSPER Act will bring major reforms to the student financial aid system that is currently not serving the best interests of students and families who are pursuing a postsecondary education. Find out more about how the PROSPER Act will bring accountability and simplicity to the student loan syst... More
  • The Failures of the CNCS — Management Edition
    Mar 14, 2018  - American taxpayers deserve to see their tax dollars spent efficiently and effectively. The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) is entrusted with annual appropriations to the tune of $1 billion, and the Corporation has a responsibility to ensure that each and every taxpayer dollar i... More
  • The Failures of the CNCS — Compliance Edition
    Mar 13, 2018  - People who dedicate their lives to service in the community are in a privileged position to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable men and women. The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS)’s mission is to help and serve communities in need, and CNCS is entrusted with millions of... More
  • The Failures of the CNCS — Safety Edition
    Mar 12, 2018  - One of the things that makes America exceptional is our strong devotion to service and volunteering. Each year, millions of Americans make a very intentional commitment to bettering their communities, whether through monetary donations or through time and hard work. The Corporation for National and ... More
  • Close to Home: Facts and Voices from E&W Hearings on Opioids
    Mar 1, 2018  - The opioid epidemic currently impacts over 11 million Americans, and its effects are being seen in workplaces, schools, communities, and families. Opioid misuse and abuse is a public health emergency, and has been the subject of two joint subcommittee hearings held by the Committee on Education and... More
  • Happy Valentine's Day
    Feb 14, 2018  - In a special edition of Office Hours, Chairwoman Foxx talks about her Valentine. To watch the video, click here. More
  • PROSPER Featured on C-SPAN's Newsmakers
    Feb 13, 2018  - PROSPER Featured on C-SPAN's Newsmakers Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) recently sat down with reporters on C-SPAN's Newsmakers to discuss the PROSPER Act. Foxx spoke about reforming the Higher Education Act and how institutions can better serve students and the community. To watch the entire show,... More