• PROSPER Act Featured on CBN News
    May 24, 2018  - House Chairwoman Behind New Education Reform Bill Knows Financial Burden College Can Bring By Abigail Robertson — May 22, 2018 WASHINGTON – With the rise of community colleges and a new emphasis on vocational skills, the nature of secondary education is changing. CBN News recently interviewed a law... More
  • ICYMI: Today's College Students Aren't Who You Think
    Jan 6, 2018  - Today's College Students Aren't Who You Think By Melissa Korn and Kathryn Tam Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Republicans on Capitol Hill are advocating a fundamental rethink of higher education, pushing for more vocational programs and shorter pathways to credentials. With a House bill aimed a... More
  • ICYMI: Higher Education Bill Could Heat Up Competition for Adult Students
    Dec 20, 2017  - Higher Education Bill Could Heat Up Competition for Adult Students By Melissa Korn and Douglas Belkin The Republican bid to overhaul higher education is likely to heat up competition in the fastest-growing segment of the college market: adults over the age of 24. When Congress passed the Higher Edu... More
  • Office Hours With Professor Foxx: “There Are Always Ways to Complete an Education”
    Dec 11, 2017  - How to pay for school is a question everyone asks. Chairwoman Foxx spent many years as an academic advisor. She knows a thing or two about how students can remain engaged in their intellectual pursuits, regardless of financial obstacles. Students deserve better than the status quo, and that’s why th... More
  • ICYMI: House Republicans got this right
    Dec 8, 2017  - House Republicans got this right: Colleges should tell students how much bang their buck will buy By Anthony Carnevale Everything about college is based on the institution, not about what students are actually studying. We apply to colleges, not programs. We focus on a college’s prestige, a superfi... More
  • The PROSPER Act: What People Are Saying
    Dec 7, 2017  - We got one large step closer to real, meaningful higher education reform last Friday with the introduction of HR 4508, the PROSPER Act. The PROSPER Act is the result of years of hearings, meetings, member discussions, and first-hand accounts shared with members of the Education and Workforce Committ... More
  • Everyone’s Saying It: Higher Education is not serving the economy—Jobs Edition
    Dec 5, 2017  - Last week, the Education and Workforce Committee introduced the PROSPER Act — the much-needed reform of the Higher Education Act. It’s a big bill with a lot of great ideas, but one of the reasons it’s been introduced now is simple: there are six million unfilled jobs in this country. A postsecondary... More