• The Good, the Bad, the Fiduciary
    Jun 9, 2017  - Saving for retirement is no easy task. Unfortunately, it’s about to become even harder. That’s because the Obama administration’s flawed fiduciary rule takes effect today. The rule threatens to restrict access to affordable retirement advice for low- and middle-income families and undermine the abi... More
  • Protecting America’s Students, Workers, Teachers, & Retirement Savers
    May 19, 2017  - Rolling back the regulatory onslaught of the Obama administration has long been a priority for House Republicans. Through the Congressional Review Act, the House and Senate passed — and President Trump signed — 14 resolutions to repeal harmful Obama-era regulations. Members on the House Committee o... More
  • The Gut-Wrenching Truth About Pensions
    Dec 23, 2015  - The Gut-Wrenching Truth About Pensions By Thomas C. Nyhan, executive director and general counsel of the Central States Pension Fund The Star Tribune’s recent article about the Central States Pension Fund’s need to reduce pension benefits to save the fund (“New law threatens to slash pensions,” Dec... More
  • Rep. Carter: Don’t Leave Working Americans in the Dark on Retirement Savings
    Aug 18, 2015  - The Department of Labor is pushing a regulatory proposal that will make it harder for working families to save for retirement. In an op-ed featured in The Hill, Education and the Workforce Committee member Rep. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (R-GA) draws from his experience as a community pharmacist to exp... More
  • Kline Op-Ed in The Washington Examiner: More Jobs, Less Government Tops Education Agenda for 2011
    Nov 19, 2010  - The following op-ed was published online in The Washington Examiner. At first glance, it may be difficult to understand the pairing of education and workplace issues in a single congressional committee. What does a third grade classroom have in common with a construction site? How do school lunches ... More
  • McKeon op-ed in The Washington Examiner on GOP Solutions to Help Americans Rebuild Their Savings
    Apr 21, 2009  - The following op-ed penned by Rep. Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (R-CA) for The Washington Examiner details a soon-to-be-introduced Republican proposal to help Americans protect and rebuild their hard-earned savings. McKeon is the top Republican on the U.S. House Education and Labor Committee and a member... More