• Lame Duck Card Check?
    Jul 9, 2010  - If it looks like time is running out on the Democrats’ reckless agenda – look again. With only three weeks of legislative work remaining before Congress starts six weeks of vacation, it may appear the prospects for passing further job-killing policies like card check legislation are growing dimmer b... More
  • Big Labor in Search for Card Check Deal
    Apr 30, 2010  - Despite An Unemployment Rate That Continues to Hover Near 10 Percent… "…a year after Obama claimed that the stimulus had started creating jobs, it is not just the general public that believes that the stimulus was a waste of money, so do the experts. This week a new survey from the National Associa... More
  • Who’s Doing the Scaring?
    Dec 11, 2009  - Earlier this week, President Obama unveiled a unique approach to economic recovery – accuse political foes of “scaring” away the jobs and look to the power of positive thinking to bring them back. “Today's meeting with Congressional leadership at the White House was intended to be a demonstration of... More
  • CEO to Dems: Stop Killing the Economy With Card Check!
    Nov 10, 2009  - Like many business owners large and small, Michael Regan is worried about the future – especially if that future includes the Employee Free Choice Act. In a blog post for Logistics Management, Michael Regan, CEO of TranzAct Technologies Inc., noted that unemployment is at a record 10.2 percent natio... More
  • Card Check: Signature Job Killing Agenda Item
    Nov 9, 2009  - As congressional Democrats trip over themselves to find new and innovative ways to entrench more power in Washington, Americans are reminded of those big government agenda items that are already proving hazardous to the economy. At the top of the list, the mere threat of the grossly misnamed Employe... More
  • EFCA and Unemployment
    Nov 6, 2009  - It’s a record, but definitely not one to be proud of. The Labor Department released the latest unemployment figures today, and they have crossed into double-digit territory for the first time since 1983. Now more than one out of every 10 workers is unemployed, as The Washington Post notes here: “Mor... More
  • Want More Jobs? Scrap EFCA.
    Oct 27, 2009  - There are four ways for Congress and President Obama to create more jobs in America – and one of them is to “renounce” the Employee Free Choice Act. That’s what University of Chicago economics professor Steven J. Davis says in a recent essay for Forbes magazine. Davis writes that instead of extendin... More