• Lather, Rinse, Repeat
    Aug 5, 2015  - Here we go again. A presidential election is on the horizon, and Democrats are on the campaign trail touting Big Labor’s prized card check scheme. That was reportedly one topic former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and labor leaders discussed at a private meeting last week. According to the left... More
  • Big Labor Still Anxious for Job-Destroying ‘Card Check’ Scheme
    May 30, 2013  - Across the country, the American people are still struggling in the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. At a time when nearly 12 million are searching for work, the Republican-led House continues to champion a positive agenda that will help spur economic growth and job creation. Re... More
  • President Standing by Controversial Craig Becker
    Feb 3, 2011  - The American people expect every area of the federal government to be focused on removing barriers to job creation, helping expand opportunities to America’s workers. So many may be wondering why President Obama renominated Craig Becker to serve on the National Labor Relations Board. Readers of Secr... More
  • Card Check Activism and Secret Ballot Hypocrisy
    Dec 10, 2010  - As the clock winds down on the House Democratic Majority, workers may be feeling a sense of relief that the assault on the secret ballot is finally ending. But they shouldn't get too comfortable yet – not if unelected bureaucrats in the Obama administration have anything to say about it. A recent ru... More
  • Predictable
    Sep 14, 2010  - Last Friday, President Obama pledged to “keep on trying to stimulate growth and jobs” as long as he is in office. Unfortunately, his actions don’t square with his promise. Just yesterday the president reaffirmed his support for a job-killing card check scheme erroneously named the Employee Free Choi... More
  • Obama Promises to Keep Up the Fight for Big Labor’s Job-Killing Card Check Scheme
    Aug 4, 2010  - Never one to give up on unpopular ideas, President Obama promised a gathering of the AFL-CIO he will stay in the fight to pass the so-called Employee Free Choice Act. Better known as card check, this undemocratic idea would strip workers of their right to a secret ballot when deciding whether to org... More
  • Lame Duck Card Check?
    Jul 9, 2010  - If it looks like time is running out on the Democrats’ reckless agenda – look again. With only three weeks of legislative work remaining before Congress starts six weeks of vacation, it may appear the prospects for passing further job-killing policies like card check legislation are growing dimmer b... More