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Empowering Parents

@EdLaborGOP is Working to Expand Child Care Access

| Posted in E&W Blog

A strong child care system stimulates the economy by allowing both working parents and job creators to thrive. Unfortunately, red tape in the Democrats’ American Rescue Plan (ARP) prevents states from spending on measures that will meaningfully improve the quality and quantity of child care by restricting investments in the long-term sustainability of the child care industry and denying assistance... Read more »

Ed & Labor, Ways & Means Unveil New Family Leave and Child Care Proposal

| Posted in Press Releases

While Democrats’ top-down approach to family leave and child care puts Washington in control of workers’ benefits and permanently cuts paychecks for life, Republicans today unveiled an early draft of the Protecting Worker Paychecks and Family Choice Act that would provide greater flexibility and choice to parents while focusing the greatest benefits on low-wage workers. The proposal is a joint col... Read more »

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