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Free Market Advocates Call for House Passage of Legislation to Rein in NLRB

Right now, the House of Representatives is considering legislation to protect American jobs from an activist National Labor Relations Board. The Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act (H.R. 2587) will stop the NLRB from dictating where an employer can and cannot create jobs. It is the first jobs bill of the fall legislative agenda. While opponents of the legislation continue their campaign of misinformation, House Republicans are standing by workers – and America’s job creators –   and fighting to roll back a job-destroying government intrusion into the private sector.  

Americans For Prosperity: “Companies already face an out-of-control federal government that imposes over $1.75 trillion in regulatory costs on American businesses every year; those businesses will simply move their operations overseas if they are also asked to stomach blatant intimidation and costly relocation orders. Enforcing labor laws is important, but allowing the NLRB to dictate where a private company can do business simply goes way too far.”

Americans for Limited Government: “Rep. Tim Scott is to be applauded for bringing forward legislation that will begin to counter the NLRB’s war on right-to-work states. This is a positive step, and we urge passage.”

Workforce Fairness Institute: “Unfettered government power – especially over something as fundamental to a business as where to locate its operations – does not create the business confidence necessary for companies to expand, invest and create jobs. The Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act would correct this by amending the National Labor Relations Act to prohibit the Board from dictating the location of a company’s workforce.

Americans for Tax Reform: “At a time when more than 14 million workers are unemployed, Congress must pass H.R. 2587 to limit the radical, job-killing NLRB. This bill will reassure America’s job creators and expedite their plans to return workers from the unemployment line to the factory line.

Council for Citizens Against Government Waste: “American companies are already subject to high taxes, burdensome regulations and skyrocketing costs of doing business. Hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs are moving overseas as American companies face an unfriendly business climate at home. The NLRB should have no right to dictate where a company can operate, especially when so many businesses are already struggling to stay afloat in these difficult economic times.”

Club for Growth: “This bill would ‘prohibit the National Labor Relations Board from ordering any employer to close, relocate, or transfer employment under any circumstance.’…The government is already hamstringing businesses with burdensome taxes and regulation. In order for the economy to grow and thrive, companies need to have the freedom to make decisions that will build their businesses, create jobs, and innovate.

Freedom Works: “Federal bureaucrats should not be reversing the business decisions of private employers. Washington already has too many harmful regulations that hurt job growth. The Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act would prevent the NLRB from picking winners and losers on behalf of big labor.”

National Taxpayers Union: “This bill would prevent the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from substituting its judgment for a private employer’s in decision on how best to manage the employer’s own resources.”

Alliance for Worker Freedom: “We encourage you to use every tool available to stop the NLRB from implementing policies to appease Big Labor at the expense of workers, business and our economy. The Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act will reign-in the NLRB and allow business to decide how and where they operate and create jobs.” 

To learn more about the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act, click here.

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