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Foxx: We Are Providing a Better Way on Health Care
Three House committees move forward with patient-centered health care solutions

House Republicans are moving forward with a broad effort to repeal Obamacare and deliver free-market, patient-centered health care solutions. While the Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means Committees consider the American Health Care Act, the Committee on Education and the Workforce will work to advance additional reforms that will help expand coverage, lower costs, and promote a healthy workforce. Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) spoke on the House floor today to explain how Republicans are providing A Better Way on health care.

[We] on the Education and the Workforce Committee are working to advance additional reforms that will help expand coverage, make health care more affordable, and promote a healthy workforce.

One legislative proposal will empower small businesses to band together to negotiate lower health care costs on behalf of their employees. Another will protect the ability of employers to self-insure, providing greater access to affordable, flexible health care plans for their workers. The third will give employers the legal certainty they need to offer employee wellness plans, helping to promote a healthy workforce and — again — lower health care costs.

These three legislative proposals reflect a few shared principles. Families should have the freedom to choose the health care plan that meets their needs. Americans need more affordable health care options, not fewer. Health care decisions should rest with patients and their doctors — not government bureaucrats. And instead of prescriptive mandates, we should ensure employers have the tools they need to help their employees afford health care.

These proposals — along with those in the
American Health Care Act — are exactly the kind of free-market, patient-centered reforms Republicans promised.

To read Chairwoman Foxx’s full statement, click here.

For a video of her remarks, click here.

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