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PROSPER Featured on C-SPAN's Newsmakers

PROSPER Featured on C-SPAN's Newsmakers

Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) recently sat down with reporters on C-SPAN's Newsmakers to discuss the PROSPER Act. Foxx spoke about reforming the Higher Education Act and how institutions can better serve students and the community. 

To watch the entire show, click here.

Simplifying student aid provides an easier path for students to know their options and choose what is best for them.

"We have simplified [student aid]. I have heard since I have been in Washington D.C. that the FAFSA is impossible to deal with," said Chairwoman Foxx. "That we have too many loan programs, they’re very confusing; we have too many grant programs, they’re very confusing, and so we are again responding to the public and to our members.”

Educators need to do a better job of preparing students for the workforce in order to eliminate the skills gap.

“I do feel very keenly that our postsecondary education, and some of the elements of secondary education, have not done what they should to help students be prepared for the workforce," said Chairwoman Foxx. "And I really have evidence for it. We have 6.2 million jobs in this country unfilled right now and I often ask groups of people and individuals, ‘Why did you get a degree, why did you go to school?’ Everybody invariably answers, ‘To get a job.’ And so something is wrong.”

The PROSPER Act streamlines the financial aid process so students know all their options. 

“Our goal is to help students look for ways to be able to complete a college education with a minimum of hassle, particularly as it relates to financial aid,” said Chairwoman Foxx.

Students face challenges as they pursue higher education. Universities need to step up and take responsibility to help students complete their degree.

“We’ve made a commitment to these students when we admit them to help them be successful. We need to look for ways to make that happen," said Chairwoman Foxx of her experience as a college president.

To bring more students into higher education, institutions need to respond to what the public needs.

“Colleges and universities are there to serve the people of their communities, of their states. Some do it very well," said Chairwoman Foxx.

To learn more about the PROSPER Act, click here.

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