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Promoting Real Opportunity, Success, and Prosperity through Education Reform (PROSPER) Act

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Chairwoman Foxx: "Lyndon B. Johnson's Vision for Higher Education No Longer Serves Students”
Chairwoman Foxx and Secretary Acosta: “College Isn’t Always the Best Path for Teens”
Rep. Ferguson: "Giving Our Students the Opportunity to Prosper"
Rep. Roe: “We Cannot Stifle Our Freedom of Speech”
Rep. Stefanik: “Making Higher Education More Affordable for North Country Students” 
Rep. Guthrie: "Guthrie Highlights Workforce Development Priorities as Subcommittee Chairman"
Rep. Ferguson: "We Are Preparing Students for a Modern Workforce"
Rep. Rooney: "The Department of Education Must Die - or Evolve"
Rep. Ferguson: "We Must Give Our Students the Opportunity to Prosper"
Rep. Rokita: "The PROSPER Act: Making Sure Our Workforce Is Ready and Able"
Rep. Lewis: "Lewis' College Completion Bill Included in Historic Higher Education Reform"
Rep. Allen: "Allen Praises Introduction of the PROSPER Act"
Rep. Guthrie: "Guthrie Introduces Higher Education Reform Legislation"
Rep. Rokita: "PROSPER Act: Opening the Door to Make American Students the Best in the World"
Rep. Ferguson: "Ferguson Votes to Pass PROSPER Act out of Committee" 
Rep. Mitchell: "Mitchell Statement on Reauthorization of Higher Education Act Markup"
Rep. Smucker: "Education and the Workforce Committee Unanimously Adopts Smucker Amendment to PROSPER Act to Help Combat Opioid Epidemic" 
Rep. Stefanik: "Stefanik and Colleagues Markup PROSPER Act"
Rep. Rooney: "Congressman Francis Rooney Supports Reform of Higher Education to Prepare Students for Real-World Job Opportunities"
Rep. Smucker: "PROSPER Act Would Expand Opportunities After High School"
Rep. Roe: "The PROSPER Act"
Rep. Ferguson: "Giving Students the Opportunity to Prosper"

Committee Activity
114th Congress:
Hearing on, "Empowering Students and Families to Make Informed Decisions on Higher Education"
Full Committee Hearing on, "Strengthening Accreditation to Better Protect Students and Taxpayers”
Hearing on, "Improving Federal Student Aid to Better Meet the Needs of Students"
Full Committee Hearing on, "Challenges and Opportunities in Higher Education”
Full Committee Hearing on, "Helping Students Succeed by Strengthening the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act”
Joint Hearing on, "Federal Student Aid: Performance-Based Organization Review”
Hearing on, "Preventing and Responding to Sexual Assault on College Campuses”
Hearing on, "Improving College Access and Completion for Low-Income and First-Generation Students”
Hearing on, "Strengthening America’s Higher Education System"

113th Congress:
Full Committee Hearing on, "Keeping College Within Reach: Meeting the Needs of Contemporary Students"
Hearing on, "Examining the Mismanagement of the Student Loan Rehabilitation Process"
Hearing on, "Keeping College Within Reach: Sharing Best Practices for Serving Low-Income and First Generation Students"
Hearing on, "Keeping College Within Reach: Strengthening Pell Grants for Future Generations"
Full Committee Hearing on, "Keeping College Within Reach: Simplifying Federal Student Aid"
Hearing on, "Keeping College Within Reach: Improving Access and Affordability through Innovative Partnerships"
Hearing on, "Keeping College Within Reach: Supporting Higher Education Opportunities for America’s Servicemembers and Veterans"
Full Committee Hearing on, "Keeping College Within Reach: Improving Higher Education Through Innovation"
Hearing on, "Keeping College Within Reach: Discussing Program Quality through Accreditation"
Hearing on, "Keeping College Within Reach: Enhancing Transparency for Students, Families and Taxpayers”
Hearing on, "Keeping College Within Reach: The Role of Federal Student Aid Programs"
Hearing on, "Reviving Our Economy: The Role of Higher Education in Job Growth and Development”
Full Committee Hearing on, "Keeping College Within Reach: Examining Opportunities to Strengthen Federal Student Loan Programs"

In the News:
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The PROSPER Act: "prepares students to achieve their life and career goals..."Rebuilding America’s Middle Class Board Chair and Dallas County Community College District Chancellor Joe May
The PROSPER Act: What People Are SayingPurdue President Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr.
Forbes: Tax Reform - A Boon To Colleges - Will Increase Scrutiny of Public Colleges In High-Tax States 
The Wall Street Journal: House GOP to Propose Sweeping Changes to Higher Education
The Wall Street Journal: Five Things on the House's Higher Education Bill
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Politico Pro: Foxx to unveil House GOP's Higher Education Act overhaul today
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E&W Blog: The PROSPER Act: What People Are Saying

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