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Democrats in Disarray over Socialist Drug Pricing Scheme

Democrats cannot come to a consensus over whether or not to socialize drug pricing. H.R. 3, the Higher Costs and Fewer Cures Act, is packaged into the radical fiscal year 2022 budget and would allow the Secretary of Health and Human Services to mandate private companies’ drug prices or face a bankruptcy-inducing 95 percent tax rate.

It’s government interference in the dealings of private companies. It’s incongruent with a thriving, free-market economy.

The federal government should not meddle in the private health care industry, period. While Democrats continue infighting and holding the future of high-quality, private insurance in limbo, Republicans are united in our opposition to this horrific bill, which is has no place in our budget – let alone becoming law. 

If Operation Warp Speed taught us anything, it is that health care thrives when government supports innovation rather than layering burdensome mandate on top of burdensome mandate.

Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer want government to have ultimate control over the private sector and the whole of American life. Republicans and some key Democrats are united in denying them that power.

The Democrats stunning failure to advance this drug pricing scheme through the Energy and Commerce Committee should serve as a warning for Democrat leadership.

We urge them to use this vote as a turning point to strengthen employer-sponsored insurance and, by extension, individual freedoms.


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