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Even Major Unions are Against Biden’s Tyrannical Vaccine Mandate

WASHINGTON – Today, Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC) issued the following statement after three of the biggest automakers in Detroit announced they would not be mandating vaccines for their employees:

“It is clear the federal government’s power grab has gone too far when even the President’s own pet groups won’t endorse his policy.  

“American job creators should have the right to decide how to run their businesses. The Biden administration’s unjust mandate is putting job creators in an impossible situation—forced to choose between massive costs and penalties for non-compliance. Asking this of business owners, the backbone of our economy, in the middle of a worker shortage and supply chain crisis is negligent at best and cruel at worst. 

“Our country was built on self-government—Americans don’t need federal bureaucrats making unilateral decisions about their health care nor should they have their employers policing their health care choices.

“This illegal mandate isn’t about our country’s economic recovery, it’s about control. When one of the biggest labor unions in the country refuses to comply, it is a sure sign that that this mandate is not good for workers or job creators.”


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