Opposing Washington’s Culture of Union Favoritism

Concerned citizens from across the country continue to express their frustration with business-as-usual in Washington. Far too often lobbyist loopholes and special interest deals are placed ahead of the nation’s best interest. Despite the public’s concern, Democrats in Washington are embracing a culture of union favoritism that stacks the deck in favor of union bosses and against rank-and-file workers.

Republicans will fight for a level playing field that enables all Americans to pursue opportunity and economic prosperity. As part of that effort, Republicans will oppose policies that strip workers of their right to a secret ballot in a union election, whether those policies are advanced in the halls of Congress or through decisions made behind closed doors by unelected bureaucrats. Republicans will also ensure labor bosses are held accountable to workers through strong enforcement of legal safeguards that are the first line of defense against union corruption.

Republican oversight will vigorously defend the rights and freedoms of all workers.

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Obama Administration Repeal of Union Transparency Requirements

Government Takeover of the Auto Industry

Expansion of Davis-Bacon “Prevailing Wage” Requirements Slow Job Growth

Project Labor Agreement (PLA) Mandates Restrict Job Opportunities

Restrictive Trade Adjustment Assistance “Merit Staff” Regulation

Radical Reshaping of Union Certification Undermines Workplace Democracy

Alteration of Airline Union Certification Procedures
Attacks on Secret Ballot Organizing Protections for Workers

Other Special Treatment for Unions