• President Proposes More Stimulus, Bailouts, and Government for the Nation’s Schools
    Sep 9, 2011  - Yesterday, President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress to outline his latest plan to jump-start the economy. With 14 million workers unemployed and job creation stalled, the nation hoped for fresh ideas that will help put the American people back to work. Instead of offering a new vision t... More
  • The Failure of “Recovery Summer” is No Laughing Matter
    Jun 17, 2011  - One year ago, the Obama administration promised the American people the summer of 2010 was “poised to be the most active Recovery Act season yet.” This was just one more assurance on top of many, including the claim that the $830 billion stimulus bill would invest in “shovel ready” projects to creat... More
  • A Banner Day for Union Bosses
    Aug 10, 2010  - Today is a very good day for powerful union leaders. Congress was summoned back into session – with great complexity and expense – to vote on a multi-billion dollar bailout for unionized state workers. At the same time, the Obama administration is preparing to rollback reporting requirements for uni... More
  • Will Obama Finally Listen to Small Businesses?
    Jul 28, 2010  - President Obama traveled to New Jersey today to raise support for his economic policies among small business leaders. It makes sense to hear from small business owners about their ideas to promote a strong and stable economic recovery. After all, they are the nation’s primary source for job creation... More
  • ObamaCare: Penalizing Small Businesses for Creating Jobs and Raising Wages
    May 24, 2010  - Last Thursday, President Obama issued a presidential proclamation declaring this week “Small Business Week.” The presidential proclamation accurately describes small businesses as the “backbone of our Nation's economy” that “employ tens of millions of workers” and create the “majority of new private... More
  • Employers “Bracing” for Higher Health Care Costs
    May 21, 2010  - In the 2008 presidential campaign, then-candidate Barack Obama unveiled a plan for health care reform to “lower costs to make our health care system work for people and businesses…” However, according to a recent business survey, many employers don’t believe the plan that was promised is the plan th... More
  • Small Business Owners on the Losing End of ObamaCare
    May 17, 2010  - Last week, President Obama tried to convince small business owners his health care reform plan was good for their bottom line and their workers. Recent action taken by small business leaders suggests many aren’t buying it, yet the administration continues its aggressive public relations campaign. “T... More