• An Opportunity to Protect Retirement Security
    Feb 14, 2017  - House Republicans are continuing an effort to roll back some of the most harmful rules and regulations finalized in the last days of the Obama administration. We’ve already taken steps to support small businesses and our Armed Forces and acted to rein in the federal role in education. So what’s nex... More
  • Small Businesses Need Relief From Obamacare
    Feb 9, 2017  - Obamacare has been a disaster across the country, and small businesses have endured more than their share of the pain. For nearly seven years, the law has increased costs, limited choices, and made it more difficult for small businesses to provide health care coverage for their employees. As one sma... More
  • Protecting a Limited Federal Role in Education
    Feb 7, 2017  - THE PROBLEM For years, one-size-fits-all federal policies made it difficult for state and local leaders to provide their students with a high-quality education. Under the Obama administration, the federal government’s control over K-12 education only got worse. Through waivers and pet projects, the... More
  • Don't Just Take Our Word For It
    Feb 2, 2017  - All workers deserve strong protections, and for decades, a system has been in place to ensure employers conducting business with the federal government are held to high standards. Unfortunately, rather than ensuring this system works efficiently, the Obama administration concocted a harmful regulato... More
  • A Federal Judge’s Point of View on the Blacklisting Rule
    Feb 1, 2017  - This week, the House will take an important step toward protecting workers, small businesses, and taxpayers from the harmful consequences of the Obama administration’s “blacklisting” rule. Republicans have warned for some time that the rule is fundamentally flawed and unnecessary because a system is... More
  • Obamacare Status Quo Is Unsustainable
    Jan 26, 2017  - For nearly seven years, Americans have struggled under a failed government takeover of our health care system. Former President Obama promised affordable care, more choices, and better competition. Instead, Obamacare’s burdensome mandates have caused working families around the country to experience... More
  • The Power of #SchoolChoice
    Jan 25, 2017  - Every child, regardless of zip code or background, deserves an excellent education. Unfortunately, years of flawed, one-size-fits-all education policies have left many students trapped in failing schools. This week, National School Choice Week, students, parents, teachers, and policymakers are celeb... More