• EFCA: Big Labor’s New Year’s Resolution
    Dec 15, 2009  - It’s that time of year again when people begin to make their New Year’s resolutions – promising to hit the gym, eat better, or read more. For union bosses, their number one resolution will no doubt be getting Congress to finally pass their misnamed Employee Free Choice Act. Admittedly, it has been a... More
  • Will Democrats Go All-In on EFCA?
    Dec 14, 2009  - The clock is winding down on the Obama Administration’s first year in office, and they have yet to pass the infamous Employee Free Choice Act – a measure that has proven unpopular with the American public, but that remains a top priority of the Administration’s staunch cheerleaders (not to mention f... More
  • Who’s Doing the Scaring?
    Dec 11, 2009  - Earlier this week, President Obama unveiled a unique approach to economic recovery – accuse political foes of “scaring” away the jobs and look to the power of positive thinking to bring them back. “Today's meeting with Congressional leadership at the White House was intended to be a demonstration of... More
  • EFCA Would Hinder Workplace Innovation
    Dec 10, 2009  - Americans know how to pull together during tough times to help out a neighbor in need. Just look to the Wyoming school district of West Michigan. Hearing that some of their co-workers would be laid off due to a lack of funds, several of the school district’s employees offered to take a cut to their ... More
  • EFCA: Down But Not Out
    Dec 9, 2009  - As President Obama and Democrats try to spend their way out of this recession,they are ignoring the consequences of their job-killing agenda, including the uncertainty it fosters in an already troubled economy. In a blog post for FOXBusiness, Brian Sullivan reports on signs the Administration may be... More
  • Union Elections & Worker Choice
    Dec 8, 2009  - Supporters of the so-called Employee Free Choice Act have argued in favor of scrapping current workplace election rules in order to give – as their bill name implies – a “choice” to workers. Given that the public sign-up process known as “card check” is notorious for subjecting workers to the threat... More
  • A Backdoor to Card Check
    Dec 7, 2009  - Union bosses and their allies in Washington have made it clear that they want to expand their powers to grow union membership – even if it means undermining a worker’s right to a secret ballot. It is not entirely clear how they plan to accomplish this misguided priority in the face of strong biparti... More