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A Lack of Progress

Helping more Americans pursue higher education has long been a national priority. Individuals who complete advanced levels of education are more likely to succeed in the workforce and live more productive lives. Unfortunately, America’s higher education system has become too costly, too bureaucratic, and too outdated to effectively serve students, families, and taxpayers.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan recently praised the administration’s efforts intended to reverse these disappointing trends, declaring, “I’m proud to say that our administration has taken unprecedented action” and “has done a lot to help pave the way for progress.” “Progress”? That's hard to believe, because since the president took office:

As for “unprecedented action,” the Obama administration has:

Spending more money on more programs and more regulations will not strengthen America’s higher education system. That much we’ve learned over the last six years. To learn what a better approach to improving higher education looks like, stay tuned.

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