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What They’re Saying: Biden’s Title IX Rule Will Erase and Endanger Women

The Biden administration’s radical Title IX rule removes the protections and equal opportunity women have fought for decades to secure. Instead of safeguarding women and female-only spaces, the administration’s rule redefines sex to include “gender identity,” effectively forcing women to share bathrooms, locker rooms, and other private spaces with biological males. Additionally, the rule would allow biological males to compete in women’s athletics, making women second-class citizens in their own sports. 
Republicans have a plan to stop the Biden administration’s nonsensical attempt to rewrite Title IX. Rep. Mary Miller’s H.J. Res. 165 would nullify the Biden administration’s dangerous and unlawful re-interpretation of Title IX and restore the rule’s original intent. 
Several organizations have announced public support for H.J. Res. 165; here’s what they’re saying: 
“The rule flips Title IX on its head. It strips protections for women and girls — robbing women of equal opportunity, privacy, and fairness. It cheats female athletes out of their trophies, roster spots, playing time, and resources and gives them to men. … We write now to ask you to support the Congressional Review Act to stop the new Title IX rules
from taking effect and destroying women’s sports.” — Independent Women’s Voice
“The Defense of Freedom Institute for Policy Studies (DFI) wishes to register its support for H.J. Res. 165, which would repeal the Biden administration’s radical rewrite of Title IX. … The Biden administration has once again abused the rule-making process to achieve an extremist agenda without regard for Congressional intent. … The administration took a law that helped women’s sports flourish for 50 years and has distorted it into one that discriminates against female athletes.” — Defense of Freedom Institute
“The appalling new Title IX regulation that redefines sex to include ‘gender identity’ is based on a false and extremely damaging view of identity. … Denying reality creates wreckage in individuals, families, social and educational systems, and nations. We therefore support Resolution 165.” — Katartismos Global Advocacy 
“President Biden’s unconstitutional re-write of Title IX would force young girls to share their locker rooms with men, to give up their sports scholarships to men who self-identify as women. It will not only undermine a woman’s ability to succeed in sports and violate her right to privacy but will put her in dangerous situations with men who are biologically stronger than her. … We applaud Congresswoman Miller and the 67 cosponsors of this bill for being true champions for the rights and security of women.” — Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee
“On behalf of our more than one million members from all 50 states, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America strongly supports and will score in favor of H. J. Res. 165. … We support protecting pregnant and parenting students through Title IX. No student should have to choose between their education and their child. … However, this Biden Administration rule hijacks the good provisions of Title IX to promote their abortion agenda.” — Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America
“The National Association of Scholars ("NAS") supports House Joint Resolution 165 expressing Congressional disapproval of the Education Department's Title IX Rule, published April 29, 2024. The Rule represents egregious overreach as it actually attempts to redefine basic terms of the 1972 statute in ways the law did not intend and the American public does not support. NAS commends members of Congress taking a stand against it.” — The National Association of Scholars 
“I write to urge you to vote YES on Representative Mary Miller’s important legislation to reverse Biden’s unlawful Title IX Rule which violates women and girls’ private spaces.  … Eighty-four percent of voters say an all-female high school basketball team should face opponents who are female only and 85 percent say when a female gym member is showering and changing in the women’s locker room, the other users in the locker room should be female only.” — Women's Declaration International USA 
“On behalf of Eagle Forum and the thousands of families we represent throughout the country, we urge you to vote YES on H.J. Res. 165. … The Biden administration’s new Title IX rule seeks to erase women and girls from the very law passed to prohibit such discrimination. It reduces their opportunities in sports and ignores their right to privacy and modesty. … It is imperative that Congress act using the CRA to protect girls across the nation.” — Eagle Forum
“[The Biden administration’s] rule is threatening the safety and privacy of women and girls by allowing biological males into female-only spaces such as locker rooms and bathrooms and allowing males to participate in sports meant for females. By stopping this harmful rule, H.J. Res. 165 will protect the privacy and safety of women and girls and continue to ensure equal opportunity in athletics and education. For these reasons, FRC firmly supports H.J. Res. 165.” — Family Research Council 
"Biden’s effort to dismantle the civil rights protections for women under Title IX will harm millions of families. Not only does this rule destroy privacy and equality for women and girls, it limits free speech and parental rights. We commend Rep. Mary Miller for leading this resolution to overturn the illegal Title IX re-write and encourage all members to support its passage on the House floor.” — Heritage Action for America
“The Biden administration’s radical redefinition of sex in Title IX guts equal opportunities for women. Not only does this lawless move turn back the clock on women’s opportunities, but it also erodes student privacy, compels speech, and threatens fairness in women’s sports. … We applaud Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith and Rep. Mary Miller for introducing resolutions expressing congressional disapproval of this rule’s disregard for women's privacy and safety, biological truth, freedom of speech, and fairness in sports.” — Rachel Rouleau, Alliance Defending Freedom

“With their radical Title IX rewrite, the Biden administration wiped away the rights to fairness, security, and safety females deserve to have. It was a cowardly move that continues to show this president is more interested in appeasing radical activists than supporting women and girls. Families across the country are fed up with being ignored by the insane decisions of this administration. There is hope in knowing there are leaders in Congress like Chairwoman Virginia Foxx, Rep. Mary Miller, and every co-sponsor of this CRA, that are fighting to reverse these sexist policies.” — Michele Exner, Parents Defending Education Action
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