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Foxx: Congress Must Act to Protect Women and Preserve Title IX

WASHINGTON – Today, Education and the Workforce Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) spoke on the House Floor in support of Rep. Mary Miller's (R-IL) H.J. Res. 165, a Congressional Review Act resolution to nullify the Biden administration's Title IX rule that endangers women and robs them of hard-earned opportunities. 

Chairwoman Foxx's remarks (as prepared for delivery): 

"I rise today to address the single most important issue for the next generation of daughters soon to enter the world of women’s sports.
"President Biden issued a final Title IX rule that would effectively end a woman’s right to female-only organized athletics. The resolution up for debate today sponsored by Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) would put a stop to it. 
"A woman’s athletic journey starts at a young age. At the outset, it serves as a vital source of empowerment for young girls.
"Every young woman remembers gym class and the experience of getting hit with a rogue football or being caught in the middle of a boy-dominated dodgeball dispute.
"Even from a young age, the inherent value of female-only sports is readily apparent. Young girls grow together, learn from each other, and earn a unique sense of female comradery.
"Then some women get the chance to carry their talent on to college. Postsecondary athletic opportunities were slim prior to Title IX when I was growing up. However, Title IX came around in 1972 and swung open the doors to college athletics for women who had historically been excluded from such opportunities. 
"As the first in my family to even graduate high school, I understood the importance of Title IX to women’s fight for access to postsecondary education. I immediately saw the law as a means for women to pursue their passion and further their education just like the boys did. It was a watershed moment.
"Title IX ushered in a golden era for women’s competition and education. There is sanctity in the community and tradition of these memories, these spaces, and these opportunities for young girls. 
"That’s why I want to preserve Title IX and ensure the same opportunities for the next generation of daughters. 
"This is the task today. Congress has a choice before it: either stand with Title IX and the protection of women, or don’t.
"By adding 'gender identity' to Title IX’s protected classes, the radical left and the Biden administration will tear down women’s sports and eliminate safe and private spaces for girls.
"The rule puts a man’s perceived feelings of femininity on par with actual womanhood rooted in biological sex. Effectively, it ensures that anyone who says he is a woman can compete in women’s sports, shower with women, and go to the bathroom with women.
"My womanhood is not a costume. Nor is my daughter’s or my granddaughter’s. I find it offensive that the Biden administration would treat it that way.
"By equating perceived sex with biological sex, this rule is at odds with reality. I, along with my Republican colleagues, stand firmly on the side of reality against this onslaught of gender madness. Biological sex exists. It existed when Title IX was first drafted. It still exists today.
"Moreover, this isn’t just an issue of fiction versus reality. This is an issue of fairness and safety. Men and women are not physiological equals and treating them so is inherently unfair and dangerous.
"The Biden administration’s rule will strip women and girls of athletic opportunities and put them in danger. 
"Finally, this rule prohibits female-only spaces such as locker rooms, bathrooms, and other sex-separated areas. I will stop at nothing to ensure that America’s daughters are not put in that situation.
"Today, Congress is called upon to vote for young women across America who would have opportunity, safety, and innocence ripped from them by the Biden administration.
"We cannot allow that.

"Therefore, I urge a yes vote on Rep. Miller’s resolution, H.J. Res. 165, to stop Biden’s Title IX rule."


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